Head and Face Pain


Pain can affect areas of the head and face, including the eyes and mouth. Pain can arise from a variety of causes, including neuro-muscle-and-joint problems. Head and facial pain are often associated with general headaches or migraines.

A part of face pain, not often mentioned is cranial pain of the muscles and nerves surrounding the skull. These can and often are a result of neck pain that radiates upward and involves the entire head, and might include the face, teeth, jaws, or even ears. Facial pain can have a broad range of causes, and it's very common in people between the ages of 40 to 60.

By adjusting the neck, and Cervical spine, sometimes including the Thoracic spine, there is a good possibility that these adjustments will positively affect the facial or cranial nerve impingement to give relief to “hot spots” that cause great discomfort.

Treatment for head and facial pain in Tucson

If you live here in Tucson and you're searching for relief from head, neck or face pain, Brook Chiropractic Neurology would like to help. Head pain, back pain, neck pain and other types of spinal-related pain can often be eased by expert chiropractic treatments.

Head, neck and face pain can result from a variety of causes. In some cases it is due either directly or indirectly to misalignment of the spine.

When you visit us, we'll do a careful exam in order to understand the root cause of your pain. That way, we can recommend appropriate treatment and follow up. It’s important to consider all aspects of what is involved in your pain issues.

Often head and facial pain may be eased by chiropractic treatment. Once the alignment issues are corrected through expert chiropractic care, the pain can diminishes or disappears.

Although medication or surgery is occasionally necessary, in many cases chiropractic therapies may help avoid invasive procedures.

Our goal is to relieve your pain and reduce the need for medications or surgery.