Neck Pain

Neck Pain

Neck pain affects nearly seventy percent of the population at some time during their lifetime. Fortunately, neck pain and face pain often respond well to chiropractic. If you're feeling neck pain, do not wait to seek help.

Dr. Robert Brook, is a Chiropractic Neurologist dedicated to treating all structural pain effectively, and healing joint and muscle conditions as well.

He expertly adjusts the neck and/or back in order to treat misaligned back and neck joints and return them to their proper position, which generally relieves neck pain.

Chiropractic relief for neck and back pain

After treatment, our patients often feel quick relief from pain and discomfort. Once your muscles and joints are returned to the normal range of movement, you should feel better.

Whether your pain resulted from a workplace injury, sports mishap, household injury, traffic accident, or simply from the effects of aging, chiropractic treatments and related therapies often help alleviate pain.

Combined with chiropractic therapies for neck pain, we're also certified in other therapies including Acupuncture, Physical Medicine Modalities and Therapeutic Procedures for neck and back pain management.

If you have pain in the neck, we may be able to help

If you have pain in your neck or face, you should seek answers to your questions as soon as possible. A skilled chiropractor can often help relieve pain through appropriate treatments.

If you've hurt your neck or back, we'll usually recommend an initial treatment plan, that can offer a pathway to relief.