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Chiropractic Care in Tucson

At Brook Chiropractic Neurology, we're proud to be a long-standing source for Tucson's chiropractic care. Whether you're in pain following an accident in the workplace, problems on the road, or possibly you've suffered a sports injury, we can help.

We provide chiropractic care tailored to meet your individual needs. We'll give you our careful and thorough assessment, and suggest some practical treatments that can ease your pain and improve your mobility.

Chiropractic care brings the best results

Many people consider chiropractic methods as a way of treating specific symptoms that they deal with all the time, like neck pain or back pain, numbness, headaches, or even asthma. For these people, they maintain their spinal column on a regular basis to be able to function as normal as possible.

For people who experience sudden onset of pain for a specific reason, out of the ordinary such as lifting something too heavy, getting treatment right away is pivotal in seeing quick results. The longer you wait to seek chiropractic help to realign your spine, the more issues will most likely arise. This is due to our body’s attempt to compensate. Pain signals our body to “do something” as something is wrong. It is a warning. If you ignore or postpone evaluation and treatment, most likely it will continue to get worse.

It is very important to keep in mind that symptoms are only the outward signs of the problem.... Simply treating the symptoms isn't enough. To be successful, we must first locate and correct the cause of the problem.

The longer you wait before seeking help with an adjustment, the more the muscles will continue to tighten up, reacting to the pain, and the more issues will be created in reaction to the pain.

It becomes a “domino effect.” By the same token, as soon as you begin treatment when a thorough evaluation is completed, you can begin to unravel the misalignment, one muscle, or one visit at a time. It becomes a process like unraveling a rope tied in many knots.

If you get in for treatment quickly, there will be much better results in a shorter time. As the pain is reduced the muscle spasms triggered by the pain, or even from keeping your balance, will feel relief and lesson in severity. The healing process will begin.

When we correct the underlying cause of the symptoms, they usually diminish quickly because of the body's natural healing process once the nerve pressure or interference has been reduced.

Under healthy conditions, the flow of neural communications is unrestricted. A misalignment anywhere along the spine can adversely affect the electrical flow and ultimately lead to disease and pain.

Our goal is to find and correct misalignment, and also provide a combination of therapies for individualized treatment.

We most often treat patients with problems arising from the cervical (neck) area of the spine, or in the low back (lumbar) region.

For back pain, neck pain or face pain, we generally provide initial treatment to correct the misalignment, then follow up with a series of maintenance treatments over a period of time.

Tucson's chiropractic care

Brook Chiropractic Neurology continues to provide Tucson with professional chiropractic care. Our team of dedicated professionals has over 44 years of experience in treating pain and healing spine and joint problems.