Chiropractic Therapy

Chiropractic Treatment

Many people think that Chiropractic Therapy is totally about manual spinal adjustments and manipulation entirely. This is a misconception in many ways. There are so many aspects to the many ways that Chiropractic Therapy and treatment are used, to give the best possible results.

While using Chiropractic adjustments is the core of the therapy, there are other aspects that work in concert with the Chiropractic adjustment. There are special tables that allow for sections of the table to drop down to get a particular result that might enhance the manual manipulation. There are computerized instruments that facilitate "high tech" computerized chiropractic adjustment.

There are traction tables with computerized programing and pressure evaluations that are custom set specifically for each patient. They are set on timers and close records are kept to extend or decrease the time of use accordingly.

Sometimes we use vibration that helps release muscle spasms, improve posture and balance to facilitate and maintain better adjustments.

Refer to our page on Technology to learn more about some of the modern adaptions of processes that were unheard of not so many years ago.

We often recommend the use of heat (carefully regulated for time and temperature) or the use of ice packs for short periods of time. Care and instructions are given to avoid damage to the skin and underlying surface. These are a time tested way of helping to give relief in many cases.

Light Therapy

Light Therapy can be used to treat a variety of pain conditions, from back and neck pain to migraines and a wide variety of joint and soft tissue pain, 

such as the pain associated with arthritis, fibromyalgia, bursitis, etc. “…the absorbed (light) energy may be used to power metabolic processes, synthesize DNA, RNA, proteins, enzymes, and other biological materials needed to repair or regenerate cell and tissue components...” (Light Therapy Applications 2nd edition 2005 Enwemeka & Pontinen) This is revolutionary technology for the treatment of soft-tissue injuries, pain and inflammation.

Continuation of Chiropractic treatment

Depending on the diagnosis, the cause of the pain, the length of duration since the onset, there will most likely be a huge benefit to a schedule of repeated treatments. When an injury is fresh, the treatments will have a greater benefit from the beginning as the body has not repositioned itself to accommodate and compensate for lack of mobility and reaction to pain.

Swelling of an area can happen quickly and this can retard the response of the first few treatments if not addressed with temperature control using heat or ice. Rest is a key factor in getting your treatment program off to a good start.

Even if you feel better after the first treatment, it is better to rest and take a break to allow the body to heal and let go of the pain. If you return to the same situation because you feel better, you may just set yourself back and have to start over.

All of our evaluation, advice, our treatments, and your program are intricately designed to help you recover from trauma or in the case of degeneration, gain mobility and strength if possible.

At Brook Chiropractic Neurology we are focused on all aspects of your treatment even when you go home.